Reflective Hour with Tammy Toney-Butler

Who's At Your Table?

November 24, 2023 Tammy Toney-Butler Season 1 Episode 12
Reflective Hour with Tammy Toney-Butler
Who's At Your Table?
Reflective Hour with Tammy Toney-Butler +
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As Christ's followers, we are called to sit at many tables Jesus may have flipped. 

As you sat at tables yesterday for Thanksgiving, were you surrounded by those with whom you would never choose to break bread? 

Were you sitting with those who have cast stones or sown seeds of discord, hate, or hurt at past family gatherings? 

What is Christ saying to His True Church about times like these?

Find out in this episode of Reflective Hour with Tammy Toney-Butler. 

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 Hello,  I'm Tammy Toney-Butler.  I'm your host of Reflective Hour,  but we all know who the real host is,  and that's Christ.

Just breathe in the Holy Spirit,  the Presence of the  Spirit today. As He guides us,  and we speak only His truth,  His words,  His words of love,  comfort, peace, and joy.  After A long day yesterday of being in the presence of those, you may never choose to be in their presence.  But as members of a family,  a body,  you have to.

You're called to be part of things that you never would choose to be a part of celebrating with family and friends.  As in yesterday, Thanksgiving Day.

Many have been afflicted by family,  hurt by others they trusted, and betrayed by their parents.  Those that were supposed to protect them. Sheep were sent out without a shepherd.

Difficult times.  It's difficult for so many.

Especially when the Bible says to honor the father and mother.

That's so hard to do for people, even like me.  My mom opened me up to years and years of abuse.  She even kept the name of one of my abusers,  which hurt deeply because she chose a man over her daughter.

These are complicated times that we live in.  The truth is hard to discern.

It's hard to sit at those tables. 

It's hard to be around people you would never choose to break bread with. 

Did Jesus not break bread with Judas even when he knew he would be betrayed?

We are called to shine our light in a dark world. 

We're called to have a seat at the table, a  table we may not choose; Christ may choose it for us.  We're to obey, surrender, let go, and let God.

Heal those raw areas inside of us.  That opens up and bleeds and threatens to consume us. 

Depression,  addiction, self-loathing,  shame,  guilt,  fear, regret,  sorrow,  profound sorrow,  grieving.

Grieving over a perfect family that you never got to have.  Grieving over a lost childhood.

Grieving over people in your life who were supposed to protect you but didn't. 

But when you sit at that table and look across at individuals,  I want you to see the brokenness in all of us,  for we all sin and fall short of the Glory of the Lord.

Jesus prayed for those who persecuted Him,  "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do." Even Stephen,  when he was stoned to death.

Who's cast stones at you?

Who's hurt you, and can you forgive them? 

Unforgiveness only holds you hostage.

It only stops you from becoming who God has called you to be.

Can you forgive?

It was hard. 

I think the hardest thing I had to do was forgive my mother; I realized she, too, had suffered at the hands of another,  her father,  and probably her mother and her father as well.  It was generational trauma, affliction,  torment, and tormented souls passed down for generations.  Generations of hurt, bondage, and oppression.

I'm calling you out of Egypt.  I'm calling you to be free.  I bore those stripes,  that shame, guilt,  fear, regret, all those things on the Cross.  So you would not have to.

I want you to walk in the freedom that I, Christ, represent. That's what He's saying to His flock, His sheep, and all of you longing for a shepherd.

Those of you who are lost and broken,  confused.  Dirty in your own eyes, but not dirty in His.

None of us are perfect.  We all have our crosses that we bear. 

Will you pick up yours and follow Him? 

Will you let go of the past?  That little girl or little boy that was so hurt, wounded, betrayed?

Will you pray for those that are sitting at your table?

Will you let go and give them to God?  Will you walk in the freedom that forgiveness brings? Can you do that? Can you forgive?

You don't have to forget.  We are called to forgive.  We are called to let go of spirits of bitterness, judgment,  rebellion, and revenge. 

What fruit is your tree bearing?  If your heart is hardened and full of hate,  how can you pour into others the love of Christ?

Is your vessel full?  Of living water that brings freedom, peace, and joy.

Or is it full of corruption?

Corrupted thoughts, corrupted deeds, sinful actions.

Look inward.

What am I saying to you?  As the body of Christ.

Are you sowing seeds of love?  Peace?  Or are you sowing seeds of division?

Love your brother.  Love your sister.  Look through the lens of forgiveness.

Out of your heart will flow rivers of Living Water that will wash us clean- wash us clean, wash our nation, and wash our world.

For it is the hour to return the purity to the gospel,  back to the true church.

For the bride has arrived. His true church seeks those who are lost, forgotten, and broken, full of shame, murk, mire, and guilt.

Will you join His True Church?

Where two or three are gathered in His name?

Wholeness,  completeness.

Breathe in His peace.

Let go of the bondage of the past.  Of the chains of the past.  Of addiction,  depression, and suicidality.  That feeling that you don't belong. 

Because you do, you matter.

You're fearfully, beautifully, and wonderfully made, daughters and sons of the King.

Yesterday was hard.  You sat at tables that Jesus maybe would have flipped.

We are called to extend grace,  mercy, and humility and pray for those who persecute us.

We are not the judge. 

The judge is coming. Judgment's coming.  Are you prepared?  Is your lamp full of oil?

He's coming for His bride.  Will you be part of the wedding, the redemption, the rapture?  

Will you be a part of it all?

Are you ready?  His Church? That's what He's saying on this episode of Reflective Hour with Tammy Toney-Butler.  

Holy Spirit, fill them with Your peace,  joy,  healing, loving embrace, and grace throughout this day, minute by minute, as they seek a home only You can provide in the trials. 

Seek Him. Seek His Truth.